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We share your passion for flight. Aptis Aviation’s commitment to quality instruction has created a legacy of outstanding students, and there’s no better way to find out why than to take a Discovery Flight. You’ll quickly become a knowledgeable, competent pilot with Aptis’s structured interactive instructional program. Aptis has partnered with Magenta Flight Training to offer our students the best in state-of-the-art Flight Simulation. So on those days when the New England weather isn’t cooperating, our students will still make progress using Magenta’s FAA approved flight simulator.

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Air Taxi

If you have upcoming travel needs along the East Coast fly with our partner, Skyline Flights.

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Aircraft Maintenance

Aptis Maintenance is your one stop shop for maintenance at Minute Man Air Field.

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Aptis Aviation’s pilots share their passion for the rush of flying by offering ground training and flying practice for the next generation of aspiring pilots. Based out of Minuteman Airfield, the team uses their fleet of four aircraft for training and rental aircraft. Each skyward outing provides visitors the opportunity to see sweeping views of New England landscapes from a new perspective while learning to control the plane. With equal emphasis on technical knowledge and hands-on practice, Aptis Aviation caters to the learning needs of intermediate pilots as well as first-time beginners. i918kiss mega888official joker123official xe88-official pussy888official live22malaysia


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