The Aptis Access Club is a professionally managed flying club based at Minute Man Airfield (6B6) in Stow, MA. The club provides safe, convenient and economical flying to its members, along with the social and educational benefits of spending time with like minded pilots.

Our current fleet includes three IFR equipped planes, offering a range of single engine aircraft performance options for training, traveling and pleasure trips. Our hourly fees are the lowest in the area. Maintenance work is managed by Aptis Aviation which uses highly qualified FAA certified mechanics. Aptis performs 100-hour inspections on all of our club airplanes providing an added level of safety. Club pilots must pass Club checks with an Aptis instructor, ensuring that everyone is current and well-trained. Liability and hull insurance coverage is handled by Aptis Aviation.

Interested pilots are encouraged to call or email Aptis Aviation for more information. If you are in the area please feel free to stop by and get a tour of our fleet.

Be sure to check out the Club Prospectus, the Club Rules & Regulations, details of our Fleet, and membership application information.