Aptis welcomes International Students to train with us under FAA Part 61 Regulations. If you are in the US now on a Green card, work permit, F-1 visa, B1/B2 tourist visa, or similar authorization, we will simply need an enrollment application, and an indication that you can complete your training within the period of your current authorization.  You will also need authorization from the TSA to being your training.

Our process for enrolling and getting TSA authorization is a simple one. Here are the 7 easy steps needed to get you into the air:

  1. Contact Aptis about your intention to apply for training as a non-citizen. We’ll email you our enrollment application. Just fill it out and return it to us via email or in person.
  2. Visit here to review the requirements and complete the TSA Alien Flight Student Program Application.
  3. A flight instructor at Aptis will review and approve the TSA application.
  4. Pay a one-time fee of $130 to the TSA for the application process.
  5. Schedule a meeting with one of the Aptis instructors to assist you in obtaining fingerprints. Your Aptis instructor will submit the fingerprints to the TSA.
  6. Initial TSA approval for training will be granted upon receipt of fingerprints.
  7. Final approval for training will be granted pending successful background check.

The process usually takes 3-4 weeks. Documents proving legal residence in the US will be needed. This process applies to any non-citizen that is training for a rating (not for currency, re-currency, BFRs, IPCs, etc...).